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Skytech is a one-of-a-kind solution provider, supplying Drone-based Aerial Photography plus optional software capabilities to public safety agencies throughout the United States.

Based in Farmingdale, NY, Skytech’s services are tailored to a wide range of government agencies, including:

Public Works





The management team at Skytech is comprised of ex-military and current law enforcement personnel with years of combined experience in radar, communications, and surveillance systems.


Due to budget constraints within public safety agencies, marshalling aerial resources like helicopters, pilots and additional manpower is quickly becoming cost prohibitive. There is a need for cost-effective, easy-to-access unmanned aerial surveillance and photography services that can be reserved and deployed easily.

With their flight capabilities, compact size and ability to perform in harsh conditions and environments, drones have become a popular option for public safety organizations across the globe.

Drone Surveillance from Skytech will allow public safety organizations the ability to survey landscapes and reach those in need in ways previously thought impossible. And with our forthcoming App, you can reserve and deploy an appropriate drone anywhere, at any time, in almost any weather or temperature conditions and take advantage of our power by the houraffordable payment option. Skytech aims to be the Uber of the drone-based aerial surveillance market.


Skytech provides high-tech and affordable aerial photography solutions and services for public safety agencies nationwide.

Drones can be equipped to provide:
  • Electro-Optical Technology - Daylight video and/or still cameras
  • Infra-Red – Night and/or thermal imaging
  • Special Projects – Classified or unique technologies
Skytech drone capabilities can be applied to the following events:
  • Accident response (surveillance)
  • Criminal pursuit
  • Disaster area surveillance
  • Disaster response
  • Emergency response & site management
  • Emergency routes & evacuation management
  • Fire investigation and assessment
  • Search and Rescue (limited to small and predefined areas)
  • Site mapping
  • Traffic monitoring

Skytech drone-based aerial photography services are available on a pay-per-hour (“power by the hour”) rate, saving public safety agencies the burden and expense of ownership. Contact Skytech at 1-844-SKY-TECH (759-8324) for more information.

Why Partner with Skytech?

Skytech understands that public safety agencies face ever-evolving threats and challenges that tax, in many cases, their limited financial, human and physical resources. That is why Skytech’s drone-based aerial photography services are tailored to assist and aid public safety agencies (and more) at a fraction of the cost of helicopters and other aerial surveillance equipment. Available on a pay-per-hour (power by the hour) rate, Skytech’s drone-based aerial photography services saves you the burden and expense of ownership.

Drone owners looking to receive serious training in the optimal use of their drone technology for emergency response, set their own schedule, provide a beneficial service to their community at large and be well compensated for that service, should contact Skytech for more information.

Knowledge Center

Owning a Drone is a great responsibility. Skytech always ensures that its clients are aware of any current information, legal or otherwise, that may affect our ability to serve you and your ability to fly your Drone where and when needed. Below please find our Knowledge Center downloads (which will be updated regularly with new items), and be sure to contact us if you’d like to discuss anything posted here.


Skytech – Suffolk County Police Dept. Destruction of Illegal ATVs

Skytech – Suffolk County Police Demonstrate Danger of Fireworks

SkyMaster Flight Management & Logbook Software Introduction
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SkyMapper Image Capturing and Analysis Software

Skytech — Police Bomb Tech IED Detonation

3D Rendering

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Public Safety Agencies

If you are looking for an affordable and reputable drone-based aerial photography solution to assist in your emergency public safety management needs, contact us for a quote by completing this preliminary information form. Once submitted, you will be contacted by a Skytech representative for further information.

Drone owners

We’re always looking for qualified drone owners/operators. If you are looking to provide what could be an immediate public safety service with your drone and be well compensated for your time and effort, contact us by completing this preliminary information form. Once submitted, you will be contacted by a Skytech representative for further information.

SkyMaster by Skytech

SkyMaster is a new, comprehensive software system designed to help you manage your drone activities. Whether it’s flight operations, technical maintenance, or even clients and projects management, SkyMaster allows you to centralize your data and expertly manage it all—saving you lots of time and effort.